Who Am I?

I am a freelance photographer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina but always up to travel. Photography started out as a way for this introvert to get to know people; at the age of 16, I realized that I was a lot more comfortable with a camera in my hand, and that I wasn't terrible at helping people be more comfortable in front of it. A deep appreciation (and gratefulness; I was a super awkward teenager) for that connection carried me through college and grad school, when I started doing small weddings and fell completely in love with the idea of using photos to tell a story.

(photos by Sarah Ann Tatum)



My goal is to be your photojournalist. I believe that life is made up of a thousand beautiful moments that happen organically, not just a handful of mandatory shots, and I approach both lifestyle and weddings in this way. I'm not here to force it. I'm not here to make you look a certain way. I'm here to help it along, catch it when it happens, and deliver you proof of a split second in time that you might otherwise have forgotten.

It's an absolute honor to be considered to document your story, whether that's an engagement, a proposal, a window into your daily life, your business, or a marriage.

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, feel free to follow me on social media!

Instagram: @ellimcguire

Facebook: Elli McGuire Photography


Q: Do you travel?

I am utterly in love with traveling. Where ever you desire to get married, that's where I'm headed too. If you want to talk travel fees or timeline, please feel free to reach out. 

Q: Can you take photos in a specific style or photoshop specific elements in or out of the photos?

I only know how to be me, and how to shoot how I do. Please feel free to investigate my portfolio and my blog to your hearts content, and if you think my style is a good fit, then let's talk! If not, there are some fantastic photographers in the same area as me with all sorts of different approaches, styles and philosophies. I would always rather you have a photographer that you feel gets you right off the bat. 

Q: Do you have a second shooter?

I sure can!  Most of my wedding packages include one. For weddings I usually recommend having a second shooter for at least the ceremony, especially for weddings in smaller spaces or with more than 75 guests. 

Q: Do you do elopements?

 I love elopements. I offer special rates on them as well, so please get in touch to chat!

Q: Do you have a studio?

 I don't have an indoor space for photos, no. There is plenty of merit in studio photography, and I certainly don't discount the medium, but it's not personally my thing. My style of photography revolves around a journalistic and candid representation of you, not a posed one. I'm happy to come to your home, a favorite spot of yours, or I can recommend some areas that I know make for beautiful photo settings! But if you're looking for a posed studio session, I might not be the photographer for you. I definitely recommend looking through my gallery to get a feel for my style!

Things I Love

  • Coffee. An abundance of coffee.
  • Couples who are in love with love, and utterly crazy about each other.
  • Small business owners who are in love with their work. 
  • Passionate craftsmanship.
  • Engagement shoots at the couple's home. 
  • Building a relationship with my clients. I'm gonna be spending a lot of time with you, so let's be friends!
  • Learning about all the quirks and highlights of your relationship, whether it's with your business or with the love of your life. 
  • First looks.
  • Goofy bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • My job. I'm biased, but I think getting to follow happy people around and take their photos is a pretty wonderful job. 
  • Couples who are totally okay just being weird around each other and making the other laugh.
  • Big, dopey dogs.
  • Film cameras, and bringing one along for your day.
  • Creating playlists for literally everything. 
  • Inside jokes.
  • Going off the beaten path for that perfect photo.

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