Philosophy & Investment

No two weddings, no two couples, and no two stories are the same. 

Weddings should never be just going through the motions. They should never be forced, rushed, and or compromised. They should be wonderfully, ecstatically, euphorically you. 

You could be anything. It could be the tiny church you both grew up in, with a flowing white dress, a snappy tux and a pastor who's known you since you were five with an abundance of family filling every last space in the pews. It could be a cliff side, in a thrifted vintage lace number with just a handful of your closest looking on while you both stumble happily through vows you wrote at 3AM that morning. It could be just the two of you in a courthouse, completely immersed in each other and oblivious to all else. It could be anything from the most simple and inexpensive park venue you could find with DIY decorations to the elaborate historic house overflowing with flowers to your grandparent's backyard, and everything in between. Just let it be you. Let it be everything your life has led to and everything that you see as a celebration of two very, very happy hearts committing to each other for good, and any other happy hearts you desire to include. And where I come in: let it be documented as such.

Weddings go by in a heartbeat but are crammed to the last second with thousands of moments. Some will stand out, others will only be glimpsed before you've hurdled into the next one. My job is to catch them. My job is to preserve them so that you may physically hold them for the rest of your life. Sometimes that looks like you and your groomsmen throwing down a Charlie's Angels pose in the lawn out front, and other times it's your grandma pulling your grandpa out onto the dance floor by his tie. Sometimes it's a small touch, or a big kiss. I love all of them, and I love finding them. 

I'm not a part of your beautiful day to direct you or tell you what to do (unless of course, you're like me and feel incredibly awkward in front of the camera and need a little bit of assistance for your own peace of mind. Believe me, I understand.) My first and most precious goal, what I keep at the front of my mind at all times, is to truly document your day. I want to present your wedding day to you like an incredibly detailed and intricate novel or essay. A collection of tiny moments and little things and big moments and big things, all happily together in one place for you to go over again and again. I want to show how profoundly you your day truly was. 

If that sounds nice to you, let's talk

Wedding packages start at $2,800.
Elopements start at $1,000.

All prices are subject to North Carolina sales tax.

Small Businesses and Lifestyle

People are complex. I believe that in day to day life, we miss the nuances of what makes individuals unique; my goal is to capture all of the nooks and crannies of your life that make you profoundly awesome. Whether it's a lifestyle session or a series based on your small business, I'm here to make sure that you have the opportunity to showcase the things you're passionate about, and the hard work that you've poured into yourself and your brand. I'm not in the business of doing sterile, studio-lit product photography or headshots; I'm here to capture the process, the care you put into your work, the joy you get out of it and the final product lovingly showed off exactly how you want it to be: expertly made with love. Whether that's jewelry, calligraphy, pottery, a coffee shop or just your wonderful self, I'll be there to help you capture it in it's entirety.

Small business and lifestyle packages start at $300 an hour.

All prices are subject to North Carolina sales tax.